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TWITTER is an invaluable way of finding out what is really happening in technical areas.
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FILTERED TWEETS: Even the best sources will gossip. Our editors will re-tweet only the high content stuff relevant to Energy and new Blogs or updates to our own activities and services.

Each EfN Avenue sends its own set of filtered tweets. Scrolling windows show the latest Tweets. Click on any avatar square to go to Twitter as yourself. Click Follow to see a chosen stream on all your tweeting devices. Or just bookmark this page to catch up with the Latest.

We will invite Twitter users to follow EfN by FOLLOWING them. We cannot filter tweets from thousands of followers so most of you will be UNFOLLOWED at some time unless you JOIN EfN as an active participant. Do not be offended but keep followingg us if the Filtered tweets are of interest.

At the top level EfNUK just retweets telegraphic headlines from the Avenue Editors, showing the cream of the streams.

You may tweet any of our channels directly. We will re-tweet your high content stuff. Direct questions or comments will be answered and may also be absorbed into our FAQ service as it grows.
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1. You will be asked for:
Your name or identifier.
Your e-mail address.

2. You then choose
a short <7 char Twitter name/handle/monicker.

A strong Twitter password.

Upload a picture or select one of their icons to be your Avatar or picture label to your Tweets, when requested.

3. Click the setup button and then reply to the Twitter message to your email to complete the registration.

5. Twitter will invite you to select a few sites to follow. Type EfNUK to follow our filtered Tweets.

Finish up and you are a member!

6. Write your first Tweet to the EfN group(s) you have joined, starting with
@EfNUK, and/or @EfNFus, etc.

Add a line to say Hello and finish with the hashtag, #EfNUK. All tweets with this hashtag can be searched for by anyone on Twitter. Use it when you feel your message will be of wider interest than just EfN.

7. Add Twitter to your computers and phones to see the traffic.

8. You can find out what we or any other Twitterers are following.

Click on any Avatar box to go to their Home page. You may view all their recent Tweets.

Click Follow to be a follower.

A button will show how many people they are following. Click this to see who they all are and maybe follow them separately for their unfiltered tweets.

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EfN Square Services
EFNUK follows all 5 EfN Avenues but only retweets their headline summaries.
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FUSION ENERGY: National laboratories, Nuclear Associations and societies, industry, Thorium projects, ...
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NUCLEAR POWER: World associations, Euratom, investors, students, commentators ...
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RENEWABLES: Wind associations for and against, commentators, Labs, vendors, governments, ...
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POLITICS OF ENERGY: Agencies and departments, media, weapons proliferation, radiation, ….