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EfN Site Visits

Fusion, Nuclear and Renewables visits and discussions.

A Site Visit programme depends on your interests and willingness to meet groups of EfN people on these occasions . Here is a short list of Nuclear and Fusion sites to view.
We would include a meal or meeting offsite to discuss impressions and issues. A typical group would be 10-25 people. Many sites only take visitors during the week.

We will run a blog to refine a Site Visit plan for any visit which draw sufficient interest here.
Click on the Site links to see what they offer.
CCFE Fusion Site.
EdF Hinkley Point Visit
London Science Museum
Sizewell B

Sellafield has now been closed to the public by the NDA Should EfN arrange a special visit for us?
Renewables are distributed systems, so a distributed visit could be fun. How about 'Picture a Wind Farm near you' We pick a week to do this and assemble a gallery of pics and videos you have taken and submitted, along with a blog to discuss issues.

Check your choices and comment.
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