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Solar: Very Modular. A soution for many places

Introducing Solar Energy


Solar energy has been used for thousands of years to heat water, dry fruit and grains, communicate at a distance, and even to set warships alight. Today, rooftop water tanks are everywhere across the tropics.
Solar energy is easily concentrated on a boiler by mirrors. A simple parabolic mirror using aluminium foil can serve as a cheap stove where wood burning has become difficult. It needs care and maintenance to work well.

The discovery of the photovoltaic effect in 1890 was a trigger for Quantum Mechanics, but also lead to Photovoltaic Panels to convert sunshine to electricity with many uses, including power for spacecraft.

Concentrated Solar Power
Concentrating solar power and PV panels have been unsuccessful for decades as an economic source of power because of their cost and time and weather dependent behaviour.

Solar Expense
Solar power remains the most expensive way to generate carbon free electricity but unlimited subsidies for clean power have established Solar as a significant power source today.
Steven Chu, Chief Scientist in the USA, recently pushed for a 25-50% reduction in costs. Unfortunately, the technology has not changed, though manufacturing in China has lower production costs. Chu's only remaining approach was to press for reduced installation costs on homes and desert floors.

Cloudy UK Solar
The UK is cloudy a lot of the time and the insolance does not match that in desert regions. It is not well suited to the UK and should certainly not be erected on prime agricultural land. There is no desperation for these scraps of energy at the cost of lower food production.

Solar powered, motion activated security lights work well in poor conditions because the battery is trickle charged and not used often. They are cheap enough to use on any footpath.

Background: Solar intensity map for China. Prime areas are Tibet and Mongolia, far from the population centres. Solar power stations in Tibet and Mongolia have a dramatic effect of local living conditions.

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