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Global Warming is real. Renewables are part of the answer.

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Global warming is serious and caused by human activity. It is essential to cut our emissions by up to 80% by 2050 - or thereabouts. Carbon free renewable energy sources like Hydro-electricity, Windmills and solar panels will be part of a new global energy mix. Nuclear power is also carbon free and essential to the mix. Regrettably, renewable energy proponents are also vehemently anti-nuclear and have only newspaper level understanding of the technologies.

Here we focus on the benefits and penalties of renewables on a large scale. There are many places where they are the best solution and many environmentally sensitive places where they should be forbidden.
So far, this Avenue only covers the most important resources in any depth, Coal, Wind, and Solar. Renewable systems are proving to be very expensive and have made little impact on rising emissions of greenhouse gases. The fossil fuel industries care only about current revenues streams rather than adjusting towards a low, but essential level good for many centuries.

The headlines below link to Overviews and Primers on these subjects. Total time to read all the documents is about 1 hr. Many professional reports and studies are archived in the Libraries.

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The status of renewables is Outlined here. The most important topic is the comprehensive system modelling done in the United States. There is no real equivalent in the EU, leaving the whole official presentation of the energy programmes as a closely held activity being released as it happens. (5 min)
Very few people have read the NREL reports and so have only a vague grasp of issues around local energy projects. McNamara has extracted the key points from a 1000 pages of work on the development of 80% renewable systems by 2050. Please read it. (30min.)
A quicker but less precise pictorial view is given by an accompanying lecture, lThe Renewables Dictatorship(10min.)
The full set of NREL reports is authoritative but has some of the key information scattered about. The use of fractions and percentages obscures the actual values of items. That said, NREL looks at several different scenarios, none of which include any growth in nuclear power. It is thus a Manifesto more than a comprehensive look at new energy sources. (1hr/report).

The Dept. of Energy reporting on Nuclear power is also deficient in any clear views of nuclear futures in the US. This is discussed on the Nuclear and Fusion Avenues.
The NAVITUS project illustrates the comprehensive damage to local ecologies, Bird life, marine life, shipping and the local economy which the government is determined to inflict. Twitter carries an archive of similar problems around the world. Briefings for politicians are being written.
This Opener shows coal to be a valuable source of Carbon as well as an energy source. The fossil fuel industries have been funding opposition to the whole basis of Global Warming since they are the primary losers in any rapid large scale shift. Sowing doubt has always worked well because the average citizens is too busy and not qualified to examine technical documents. The media run on controversy and propagate confusion.
The result is that the rich countries are proving quick to abandon their Green principles and switch to coal to keep the immediate price of electricity down. The US, Germany, Poland, Australia and others are promoting coal as strongly than ever.(5 min.)
Solar energy is obviously abundant between the north and south 40th parallels. Solar radiation is dangerous and kills tens of thousands of careless people a year.(15min.) The net energy harvested by solar panels is about 2W/sq m. so large areas need to be covered to generate significant power on the scale we use it.
It should be forbidden to place Solar Farms on agricultural farm land. The crops and animals which could occupy the land earn about the same money as the electricity generated. Massive subsidies skew this to a huge 'profit' to the land owner. The UK needs all the farm land it has and should not allow this. It is also clear that no such solar farm is in any way crucial to saving the planet from emissions, so the argument for the greater public good cannot stand.
It remains the most expensive form of renewable energy, but very useful if you can afford it or if the power will change your life in areas with little or no electricity. (5min)
There is more opposition to Wind Farms than acceptance in locations invaded by these large machines.
The bases for objections rest on their domineering presence, noise, bird and bat kill rates, the cost, the tracery of new power lines everywhere, and their impact on other businesses such as tourism. Most of the issues are covered in documents and lectures in the libraries. The arguments are aired daily on our Twitter channel @EfNren. (5min)