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Balancing Government, Industry, and Independent views

OPENER: Media, Activist and Lobbyist Energy views

The media are fed by governments but respond with their own analyses of events. Various outlets may take strong editorial positions. Others may attempt some form of balance but giving equal time to extreme and consensus views is not really a balance, just a form of sensationalism to gain audience share. Some media only publish extremes.

Many Activist groups have only a single interest. Laws in the EU may prevent or dismiss certain types of objections. Anti-wind farm protesters are limited bro points about the view or appearance of windmills. These objections can be overridden by 'public interest' for any site, ridge, valley beauty spot or National Park. You have the right to say what you wish but can also expect to be ignored.

Lobbyists can conceal their funding sources and true agendas this way. Attacks on science are often funded by very rich individuals or corporations whose business may be affected by particular results. Tobacco and oil companies are notorious for this. Professionals may also be be paid for selected views by companies in pharmaceuticals, food, cosmetics, fishing and other resource exploitations. We will note any affiliations which are known or are suspected by reputable sources. These lobbyists will provide you a list of 'fellow travellers' whose influence may also be seen elsewhere.

This is all a part of a free society. Humanity has many limits to be taken into account when arriving at your own position. How many of your views are truly your own?

A free press and freedom of speech are vital components of modern societies. It does not mean that media must give equal time or space to every view, but even the most ridiculous can make one think. Our blogs are free to all, though moderators may delete illegal items. There are no stupid questions but many are ill informed and reveal poor communication or something which has not been considered well enough. Ask away.

This area remains to be expanded with the best of the stream of opinions.
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