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How Industry respond to politics, subsidies, and regulation.

OPENER: The Energy Industry vs Politics

Utilities have to sell and operate their systems. Nuclear oriented companies will sell windmills to keep up revenues.
Utilities are totally governed by regulation so must lobby constantly to get Departments to adjust to the reality of their needs. The lack of technical expertise within Departments, and the diaspora of energy issues across many different departments turn policies to a viscous sludge.

Free Market Follies
The windmill and solar panel industries are entirely foreign in the UK. Companies iike VESTAS were not encouraged to build UK factories. The UK Renewables programme stands as a masterpiece of free market ideology, placing the UK in the position of a third world country entirely dependent on foreign enterprise. The only UK contribution is to pay the price.
Opening the UK Electricity sector to the free market merely allowed foreign businesses to buy up Utilities using billions in debt financing. The commercial banking loan costs wipe out any tax obligations in the UK and drive up the price of electricity. Iberdrola is struggling in Spain but making good money as Scottish Power in the soft touch UK.

Nuclear Confusion
On the nuclear front the British companies were dismembered by the Blair government. Prize assets like the shares in Westinghouse Nuclear were sold for a tenth of their value. Lone voices declared this to be a folly. The Westinghouse World View report shows what we gave away.

Energy Minister, Charles Hendry, almost got a standing ovation for the fluency and mastery of his speech to the 2010 AGM of SONE - Supporters of Nuclear Energy. He drifted away from this position under pressure from the Minister of State, Chris Huhne. He has now resigned from DECC and become Chairman of the consortium for the London Array of windmills.

Goals for Better Industry Connections
Government to Industry interactions suffer from a rapid turnover of ministers and a lack of conviction among proponents. This story is repeated across the EU.
The art of good management is not to be a good study for a new brief but to know your limits and select expert and experienced advisors across the brief.

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