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In depth view of many types

Passively safe Westinghouse and GE reactors are described i reports 1,2.
3. Forsberg is an energetic innovator of reactor systems and applications.
4. Covers Agency overviews of rector possibilities. Interesting to pick out those sidelined and those yet to be addressed seriously.
5. India has an extensive but slow moving nuclear programme.

COMPANY WEBSITES carry full descriptions of their products. The External Links page will take you out to these.
Description of the passive safety features of the design, 2003. UK owned the design rights.
Key performance parameters.
Neat background for the ESBWR.
Crisp outline of the goals and expectations of this Fast Reactor.
General Electrics Sosidum cooled Fast Reactor design, 2003
More innovations by Forsberg. Looking for safety.
Hydrogen seen as nuclear energy storage for wind farm backup.
The IAEA and Russia have a very active, global contribution to innovation.
A review for the National Nuclear Laboratory. Useful shopping list of capabilities and opportunities. 4.5MB
Wish lists by 3 Agencies. Most projects off the list in 2013.
Inidia has ambitions to run its own Nuclear and Fusion programmes
Mostly about Oil. Simple analysis of the Three Mile Island Accident.