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Fast Reactors burn wastes and breed fuels for Uranium Cycle

Update: July 2014

Fast Reactors are essential to run the Uranium fuel cycle for 2000+ years at 10,000 reactors world wide.
They absolutely require full recycling and separation of all fuel elements. All the necessary science and technology was established in the USA in the 60s and tested extensively till 1992 when it was all mothballed by Clinton and his anti-nuclear advisors.

The ludicrous fate of the program is well documented by Till & Chang in their 2011 book, 'Plentiful Energy: The story of the Integral Fat Reactor'. It shows how deluded managers can destroy a science lab as they purport to support it.
Here we present the core papers and lecturers on this story.

Any new management team for a rebirth of recycling should be given a course based on these reports. The people are not fools but ignorance is a good substitute.
Introductory talk on the key features of the reactor.
Metal Fuel Core Design for S-PRISM