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Headlining all Nuclear issues.

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Important and wide ranging topics are split into bite size (5-10 min) chunks as online courses or discussions.

Our first is about serious failings of nuclear policies in the EU & USA:

Nuclear Power: Escaping the path to Failure.
Most of what you think you know about Nuclear Power is wrong and based on the unrelenting propaganda from anti-nuclear lobbies.

1. Nuclear power accounts for fewer deaths than any other major power source. Despite the bungles, nobody died of radiation sickness due to the Three Mile Island or Fukushima melt downs. Many workers at Chernobyl received lethal doses of radiation but deaths elsewhere were extremely small.
2. Nuclear power has a tiny land requirement compared with Renewables and has proportionately less ( a factor of 100) impact on ecologies and environments.
3. Nuclear power, as in France, is able to follow daily and seasonal energy requirements.
4. Nuclear power can be scaled up to support heating and large scale electrified transport on demand.
5. Nuclear waste is not waste. Almost all of it can be recycled as reactor fuel or valuable materials for industry. The US political decision to halt recycling can only lead to the closure of nuclear power. It lead to unworkable ideas about Geological Storage which created a parasitic industry to do this.
The decision has been rescinded but the effects roll on.
6. Third generation reactors all boast passive safety to eliminate meltdowns. Concrete containment and other measures ensure that an accident could have no effects outside the building. These will see us through to 2100.
7. Fourth generation reactors will tick all boxes: They will use non-flammable materials and cannot burn. They will breed their own fuels from vast stocks of depleted Uranium. They will be engineered to never melt down and never lose a reactor for investors.
8. Thorium is another nuclear fuel source. The Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) type will also do continuous recycling, keeping the reactor clean of neutron poisons and unwanted pollutants from fission.
9. Civilian Nuclear industry must be tightly monitored and clearly separated from any military uses with effective penalties for any breaches.
10. Nuclear power for an all electric planet should be good for 10,000 years with known resources. Low concentration resources like sea water would be enough for millions of years.
11. The US and UK both claim to up port nuclear power but have not taken real measures to accelerate its deployment. The US DoE has no active investment in advanced reactor development or in fuel recycling. The UK has actually eliminated all its nuclear laboratories and returned them to greenfield sites. Geological disposal remains a profitable and useless enterprise. Both countries are increasing their use of cheap, but ultimately catastrophic, fossil fuels.
China will build 30 reactors by 2025.

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- Yttrium-90 is a fission product which rapidly becomes the natural metal, Zirconium-90.

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This Nuclear front page takes you to Primers on each topic.

We look at the discovery of radioactivity, the atomic nucleus and the the splitting of the atom with simple and ingenious equipment amid a shower of Nobel prizes.
How do you find things which are completely unknown and all around you? The history is fascinating and you will know what all the basic terms mean. (15 min to master nuclear physics)
Moving from experiments in Edwardian laboratories to working nuclear reactors required enormous innovation and attention to detail.This shopping catalogue shows the many options for water, gas and liquid metal cooled reactors on offer. Negotiate your own price. More complex than a smart TV but, hey, you will be paying for several of these. (10 min to view them all.)
Using liquid fuels changes the game. If a pump fails the fuel is simply drained to holding tanks. Radioactive fission products can be separated as the fuel flows to the heat exchangers. The Thorium cycle produces no Plutonium, reducing the total radioactivity. Fusion could supply the clean fuel for start up.
Regrettably, the only politicians willing to give full support to their development are the Chinese. The biggest financial and technical obstacles to nuclear energy are politicians. (10 min to digest the beauty of the concept)
Excellent history of Thorium technology to date at
The IAEA Redbook on Uranium resources shows that the world has about 20m tonnes of mineable Uranium. This can run up to 20m reactor years of 1GW power plants. The UK already owns enough Uranium to run an all electric Britain for 500 years. (5 min.)
The Three Mile Island and Fukushima meltdowns caused no deaths by radiation. Nuclear power is actually the safest form of power generation with only one death across the industry for every 400 in coal.
Advanced reactors designs will not burn or melt down, will consume their own wastes, and shutdown without damage to the reactor, with no release of radioactive materials into the environment. Imagine an aircraft guaranteed to aways land safely after engine failure. (10 min. to build confidence)
The storage problems with Spent Fuel are entirely created by politicians. The solutions are straightforward.
Spent Fuel is not waste. It is 95% nuclear field and 5% of rapidly decaying fission products which will be harmless in 50 years. It must all be recycled to enable millennia of nuclear energy.
Burial of spent fuel is utterly the wrong solutions propagated by Greens to build permanent mausoleums to their victory over nuclear power. (10 min.)
This is not a part of civilian nuclear energy. We banish this to our Politics Avenue.
Politicians everywhere see nuclear weapons as a part of political power, exercised through fear. This class have deliberately failed to achieve any of the stated goals and have been complicit in proliferation as it suited the follies of the time.
We have a new solution which largely cuts them out. It is a mutual form of Neighbourhood Watch. Your neighbours have the most to gain by ensuring you do not support ing any weapons programme. (10 min eye opener.)