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Renewables discussed as cooperating systems.

Large reports on all aspects of renewables.
The US National Renewable Energy Laboratory has provided a full analysis of an 80% Renewables electricity supply for 2050.

German Ecofys studies are also documented.

Analysis of real data is essential to understanding the performance of all these systems. The industry does very little of this for the public.

UK Wildlife Protection agencies and charities now ignore wind farm damage to endangered species in favour of preserving the climate for future generations. How can that be right?
Outlines the whole study
All the generation and storage technologies
Existing US grids are quite inadequate for a Renewables future.
Describes restrictions on all users.
Black & Veatch, a US energy multi-national, evaluate all the costs to 2050.
The HYdrogen economy did not make into the NREL 2050 scnarios.
Greenpeace and German view of renewables needs.
World Wildlife Fund loses the plot to Dutch Wind company.
Retired energy scientist puts sharp focus on the issues.