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Coal is the big driver of Global Warming. Hard to stop.

The real rehabilitation of Coal is all about Carbon Capture and Storage. However, CCS is clearly failing on economic grounds as the EU and the USA prove unwilling to fund or force the issue. The NREL Renewables scenarios have dropped CCS.

Here is how the story unfolded from 2001. Coal reports labelled C…

Global Warming is real. Reports are marked GW…

Governments have now chosen to ignore this, despite banging the drum for Renewables and also increasing the use of coal and gas in Germany, Japan, China, and the USA. Politicians are a major part of the problem.

A broader and more technical view of CCS technologies and costs. Needs $100/t for CO2.
German coal resources downgraded. Peak Coal on the horizon. 2007
A fair view of CO2 burial in North Sea Oilfields.
UK Committee recommends action on CCS. Nothing has happened by 2013.
This means clean coal. CCS is the only escape route
Solar variations affect climate but do not account for current Global Warming.
North Pole shipping routes may be open by 2050.