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What can we expect from Wind technologies?

Most of this crop of reports are opposed to Wind Farms for a variety of reasons.

The industry writes very few reports on their performance, costs, subsidies, community support budgets, or effectiveness. We could try harder?

Indoctrinate the children and they will persuade their parents. 2.6MB
The funding of wind farms is deeply flawed and presented badly.
The UK has not given a plausible rational for absurd payments.
Australians object to high costs. They run on coal and export Uranium.
Unsurprisingly For Onshore Wind. It is mandated by Government Policy. 1.7MB
Wind farm performance is dropping rapidly. New Wind Farms have no history yet.
Taxes pay for it. The power is exported to Norway.
Written before the revelations that most large Corporations pay little or no tax in the UK.
A comprehensive list of windmill failures. No surprises. Financial consequences will be greater for larger windmills.
Why do Government Departments give money away?