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Nuclear power, safety, and weapons politics.

Nuclear Politics runs to a different tune and is worth separating out. The story of nuclear weapons is a gloomy background and we hope to shed light on it. Improved nuclear safety at every plant in the world would be a massive controlling influence on possible misuse of radioactive materials. Real Safety trumps imagined security concerns.
The US GNEP 'Global Nuclear Energy Project' was a blatant attempt to put the USA in charge of all nuclear fuels, enrichment plants, and recycling efforts. Needless to say no countries signed up to it.
The proposal to put the GE, first of a kind, Plutonium burner into Sellafield is part of the GNEP programme. The US NERC has not yet approved their design but the UK muppets may do so.
The German withdrawal from nuclear power has damaged the efforts in the UK because we have sold out most of our electricity industry to German, French and Spanish concerns. Their government policies are imported incidentally which is a poor way to run governance of UK energy supplies.
Australia is one of the world's biggest Uranium exporters and also one of the world's biggest coal burners. They do not have a single nuclear power station. Doublethink is fair dinkum down under.
Israel, Pakistan, and N Korea have weapons but no power reactors. The UK has reactors but buys its weapons from the USA. South Korea and South Africa do not have weapons programmes.
Nuclear Politics is clearly a mess, derived from the policies of the Big Five, UK, USA, France, Russia and China. It is politically more agreeable to talk about it than to change it.

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NESST: Split civilian nuclear from weapons.