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How Governments regulate Nuclear Power

Civilian Nuclear energy is almost as contentious as Nuclear Weapons in the EU and USA.
Elsewhere, it is regarded as a crucial energy supply.

There is much technical disagreement on the best approaches to safety, waste, Plutonium use, and reactor types.
Fusion is also entering the Nuclear Power game through the Hybrid Fusion-Fission systems. These will make some of the safest reactors in the world with the highest burn up of high actinides.
They will be game changers when they emerge.

Who needs nuclear power?
Saudi Arabia is the 6th largest USER of oil in the world. Nuclear power will allow them to sell the oil at a large profit to pay for the nuclear.

Needs adjustment for German withdrawal.
Plan is OK. Implementation????
Does not explore really vigorous programme.
Lithuania has closed its RBMK Russian reactors for safety. Now what?
General Electric now offers the S-PRISM Fast Reactor to UK
The approach is much more thorough than the standard IAEA approach.
Focus on deep disposal. Big money.
An overview of the problem.
Managing fuel storage at reactor sites.
Answers depend on assumptions and model parameters. No account for invention.
Only 2 committee members had any nuclear knowledge.
RS view of the credibilty of the CORWM work.
The story of mismanagement of a nuclear facility.
Nitrogen pollution of Graphite from manufacture leads to C-14 radiaoctivity.
Every part of the nuclear fuel story needs regulation
Neat history of ORNL salt technology.
Weightman headed IAEA inspection team to Fukushima.