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Selected views on nuclear and weaponspolitics.

A brief view of the way nuclear issues are handled around the world - Weapons, regulation, window dressing, good science, precast opinions.
EfN is pushing for better understanding of the science, the problems, and the political processes.

You are referred outwards by external links to the actual playing fields of Agencies, Departments, Governments and others to keep abreast of events.

If you are very interested in the action in a particular area, get a Twitter account and pick your sources. We will list many of the Twitter accounts attached to library articles.

Neighbourhood watch is more effective than a powerless global nuclear police.
New laws & regulations protect nuclear power from filibuster tactics.
Weakly funded US talking shop on new nuclear technologies.
A sample of Real discussions and creative solutions to nuclear problems.
Little knowledge of nuclear science. Focussed on uninformed public opinions.
Governance by rigged public consultations is unacceptable.