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Is Energy just some infrastructure to society?


This is the entry level to the Politics Library which has various topical Libraries on other floors.

The magnificent Vatican Library background reminds us of an earlier world power and its continuing presence. This background is used throughout the Politics Library.

Politics generates an immense number of low content or short lived documents. We hope to select and retain only the more definitive efforts.
Presentations are rarely in the format of technical lectures. We only distinguish Reports and Videos - politicians love the TV screens. Obama hardly ever gives interviews to the printed press.

The Overviews and blogs represent current analyses of issues arising. The core materials are the
Departmental white papers, regulations, commissioned 'independent' reports, and other areas of fine print which define what is set to happen.

A prime source for
industrial intentions is their annual reports which have to tell investors ho well they did and what they propose to do.

In the
Media area we include the efforts of Activists and Lobbyists or Think Tanks, as well as the premium bits of print, TV, and other publications. Publications like Private Eye are more forthright at filling in details behind the scenes.
The more closed governments reveal their intentions more by what they do than what they report. Many analysts try to tease out the facts and are worth noting.

Nuclear Politics runs to a different tune and is worth separating out. The story of nuclear weapons is a gloomy background and we hope to shed light on it.

We hope that the structure of our web offerings will serve as a platform for well crafted input. Do contribute.
POLITICS Overviews
David King approves Fuion
Politics: David King on Energy.
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DECC on Emissions
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Climate Change Committee
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The Westinghouse blunder
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Industry Lib. Energy intensive steel mill.
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Lobbyists: IoP shows Sizewell AP1000
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Higson: UK Nuclear
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Nuc Politics by Mexican standoff?