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Looking to a Nuclear Renaissance

Reports on how to start the Nuclear Renaissance in the US and Europe.
Going well elsewhere.
The Open Fuel Cycle will fail to expend beyond 1500 large readtors. Only the Closed cycled offers power for 10s of Millennia.
The Failure of the Opne Fuel Cycle and the Necessity of the Closed Cycle and the early options.
Westinghouse designs were still owned by BNFL in 2004.
Green propaganda based on half truths and out of context quotes.
Technology Requirements for a 3000 reactor fleet by 2050. Misquoted.
2005 attempt to guess the nuclear rennaisance
Discuss the failure to advance Nuclear Power in the USA.
Structure and goals for report.
Recycling etc.
History of US Nuclear Regulation and low level Radiation benefits.