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Recycling is harder to understand than 'burn and bury'.

Some relevant documents showing many different aspects and approaches to the treatment, use, or burial of spent nuclear fuel.
The UK remains frozen in the idea of Deep Disposal, a marvellously profitable prospect for Babcock International who hold the NDA contract for developing this.
Not recycling spent fuel is not a real option for a 5000 year industry. Making recycling work safely and efficiently is the real technological goal.
More than 1500 PWRsuse up all Uranium resourcs by 2100.
Berkely Fusion and NUclear Engineering view of sensible waste handling.
Is recycling too expensive to do? France does not think so.
Except for Caesium and Strontium, all fission fragments decay in 50 years to elements worth $15M per tonne. High Actinides can be burned in Hybrid Fusion reactors.
Charts the mass and radioactivity of the 33 principal products of Uranium or Plutonium Fission. Gives scope of the separation chemistry needed.
Cautious, positive approach to ecycling. Funding rules.
Swords to ploughshares. A better use might be in a Fusion burner to breed fuel from Thorium.
DECC pursuing the worst possible option. Consultations crafted for desired outcomes.