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Small Fusion Lectures

Views of Small Fusion technologies

The first lecture is on the basics of why Small Fusion Reactors are both possible and necessary. It argues that a strong global Fission programme needs Fusion to make use of Depleted Uranium.

The big Fusion programmes like ITER and NIF put the maximum stress on technical, materials, and engineering requirements and therefore on financial needs. These programmes try to enlarge on the great, past technical and physics achievements. Small Fusion can apply these advances now to make useful fusion machines and also lead to Hybrid reactor systems with smaller Fusion cores than ITER or NIF.

Early fusion and multiple capabilities make a stron gase.
The simplest high power neutron source for applications.
Simple cyclindrical geometr makes for the best blanket designs. Small prototype needed.
A sales pitch for how and why Lithium walls improve plasma confinement and stability.
Project outline with Lithium coated wall impurity capture.