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Fusion Overview Lectures

Views of Fusion Futures

JET is the world's most successful Fusion Project, not least in the fact that almost every country in Europe has contributed in some way. The Culham Fusion Laboratory which hosts JET has dwindled to a tiny fraction of what it used to be and has become merely an academic laboratory, not a national energy project.

Old predictions and new concerns for Fusion. Mannheimer discusses fusion and fission and how they can combine. Wong give a taste of the technologies which are needed to make it all happen. McNamara looks at some of the energy issues driving the eventual need for Fusion.

The opening presentation is on the world's most successful Fusion project, the Joint European Torus.
Mannheimer on Advanced Fusion Projects and their relevance. Bold and provocative
Applicable engineering for Magnetic and Laser Fusion machines.
Predictions of an Energy Winter and a need for accelerated Fusion