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Pellet compression is also good for Stellar physics


Laser Fusion using Inertial Confinement requires a lot of high energy feed lines to focus on on a tiny target of fusion fuel, giving extraordinary power density to heat the target. The facilities so far have therefore been very large. Only the US, UK, Russia and France have built anything on this scale.
The target implosion and burn takes a few hundred nanoseconds, so the control of the multiple laser beams needs exquisite and extraordinary control. The burning plasma is in a state similar to that at the heart of a nuclear weapon or an exploding supernova, which motivates the funding. The physics and engineering is lots of fun.

The US National Ignition Facility at Livermore has drawn massive Defense funding. It has also produced the most readable accounts of their progress and plans. At the launch of this website, almost all the detailed presentations are from the NIF programme.

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The Overviews introduce the topics. Other reports fall into the Hybrid Fusion-Fission category and can be found there.

Most of the current progress in Fusion lies in the lab reports and journal articles. We would appreciate summaries of the important steps being made. New reports and publications can be accepted through the
Rapid Publishing service on EfN Square.

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