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Hybrid Fusion Lectures

Views of Multi purpose Hybrid Fusion

Hybrid Fusion is the main goal for fusion contributions this century.
These talks are technical but very well presented . Try 1:Mannheimer first for a general view.

5: Promiscuous Fluorine reacts with everything but is willing to jump partners anytime. This allows for many games to filter salt components, but corrosion of metallic system walls is something to be suppressed.

A set of US and Chinese Hybrid studies looks at issues and possibilities.

On the need for Hybrids beyond 2050
From basics of mirror devices to Hybrid reactor.
Moir on breeding U-233 in Thorium Hybrid. Crucial paper.
Historical talk on the Fluorine chemistry of molten salts. Fluorine reacts with almost every element.
The FRF was a US alternative to ITER. This outline proposes a US-China collaboration.
Breeding Plutonium from depleted Uranium is essential for sustainable fission.
Shows the need for fast neutrons for burning Americium
Where is the best balance for blanket materials?
Multi-layer blankets need separate coolants.
Ambitious study for 1GW Fusion reactors to burn waste.
Shows calculations of neutron fluxes in multi layer blankets.
How large ITER class reactors could transmute fission actinides.
Fusion core for a solid metal fuelled, liquid metal cooled Fast Reactor blanket.
Small scale testing methods for large blanket engineering.