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Key papers on early fusion proposals

Real progress is being made with the Spherical Tokamak systems. The first group of reports outlines ideas and projects.

1, 2. The first papers are about the operation of STs for long, stable pulses and their gross stability properties.

3 A key paper on ST performance is by Valovic et al. Voss and Morris discuss the engineering of future devices.

4. The Fusion project is still desperate for good neutron sources able to test future reactor materials.

5. Applications of Sts for burning Actinides, breeding fission fuels, and supplying neutrons for other applications are outlined.

6. Engineering of new concepts requires new methods and machines. Rasmussen gives a nee overview.

7. The Khazakstan-Russia collaboration on building a materials testing ST reactor, KTM, are covered in a set of short papers by the KTM Team. The reactor is being commissioned in 2013.

Small Fusion can also be an important driver of Fusion Technologies and blanket chemistry.
There is much to discover and invent.

Long pulse or continuous operation is necessary for any useful fusion machine. Experience with TOR-SUPRA.
Supercomputers allow 3D modelling of collapse of ST plasmas.
Engineers look at the practical design for an ST Power Plant.
Projections for the principal Culham fusion facilit.
Good outline of competing ways to generate neutrons.
Los Alamos neutron facility irradiates first wall materials.
Tritium must be made initially in Nuclear Reactors. Fusion neutrons convert Depleted Uranium to Plutonium fuel. Cool.
Hot spectrum Fusion neutrons burn high actinides better.
Kazakhstatn and Russia have built a large ST for technology development.
Key details of the reactor design.
Plasma Disruption can seriously damage the chamber walls. Damping this is one solution.
Reliable reactor control systems are essential.
Materials and systems testing are the primary objectives of the project.