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Seminal papers on Laser Fusion technologies.

Laser fusion needs massively powerful lasers to be focussed on a exquisitely small target with a metal jacket containing fusion fuels. The evaporation of the metal jacket sends a shock wave to the centre of the target, crushing it to 1000 times solid densities. A following laser pulse heats this to ignition temperatures and it burns to Helium and neutrons. This is similar to the way an H-bomb works, except that a Uranium bomb is used to compress the Fusion Fuel capsule. The US Laser programme is funded by the Dept. of Defense.

These papers show what sort of nuclear waste is generated and how it may be handled.

Still focussed on a geological disposal. Liquid fuels and recycling would change this.
A paper on the Molten Salt Thorium breeder version of LIFE.
This uses a Lithium-Fluoride-Uranium-Thorium salt fuel. It does produce Plutonium.
Li-6 is only 7% of Natural Lithium. It has a good thermal neutron cross section to breed Tritium.
The FEL can deliver large amounts of beam energy. Potential weapon system. 1999 Review. NRL FEL programme cut in 2013.