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Fuel costs set the bills.

1. BP produces the most independent view of energy resources and how they are used. Energy markets decide the cost of each resource for each customer.

The Mott Macdonald and Poyry reports are quite thorough in their analysis of contributory factors.

2. New mining methods and large discoveries of fossil fuels will accelerate global warming throughout the century or can be drawn down sustainably over several centuries. Immediate profit for corporations and emerging economies is the most tempting option.

3. Uranium and Thorium could produce all the world's electricity for tens of thousands of years or, with current technologies, turn it all to waste this century.

4. Steel is vital to our civilisation today. World steel production follows the global economy quite closely. The first global producer was Great Britain, bringing in the industrial revolution. The UK is now 18th in the global rankings.

Reactor grade steel alloys need to be of high purity for strength and radiation resistance. The leading EU producer is the Finnish company, OutoKumpu.

Lovins represents the view that nuclear energy resources can and should be rejected. EfN-UK would not agree with this.

Most of what will happen is already in progress. Great pictorial view.
The most independent listing of energy production and consumption by all means.
A snapshot of of energy markets.
Good summaries of all the Cost drivers.
New fossil fuel discoveries should not be burned.
Too late, too slow. Misses the impact of Politics.
Australia is the number 3 Uranium producer but has no nuclear power. It runs on coal.
Fig. 18 shows a collapse of Uranium supply without recycling and fuel breeding.
World steel production crashed by 30% in 2008. It is now back to 2007 levels.
Brochure on reactor grade steels for nuclear reactors.
This Finnish company is the top reactor steel producer in Europe.