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Can markets find bargains for users and investors?

Energy markets are reliant on very high quality engineering for electricity supply. The energy business is remarkably competent.
Energy System costs are huge and the opportunities for commissions and bribes are proportional.
Appliances are commodities which make greater profits the lower the quality of their goods and the higher the replacement rate. Refrigerators can last 50-60 years but are designed to fail in 7-10.

1. Markets are run by human beings seeking profits and a good living. Financial advice on market performance is based mostly the statistics of stock price movements. The real connections between markets and governments are beyond current computational analysis and is mostly discussed in books.
Corruption is a strong feature of world trade. Bribery is based on mutual dislike between the giver and taker of bribes. The giver benefits by his project going forward without any benefits to the receiving country. It feeds exploitation, not development.

Google Finance is a really easy way to build and maintain an investment portfolio. However, the use of Google search correlations is no more than the obvious. A daily Google 'Debt' index would be catastrophic. Fun though.

2. The Renewables Market drives many submarkets with vary ing degrees of success.

3. The cost of electricity and the reliability of supply are the central concerns for all users. Electricity has a high value, especially if you have a poor supply. The costs divide into a large initial cost to build a plant and then the running and fuel costs for 25-100 years. The Price is negotiated between generators, regulator, and competotors.

Corruption breeds poverty and conflict. A list of Coruptors is missing.
Even the best countries may offer bribes 10% of the time.
Do these correlations mean anything more than the obvious?
CCS requires massive engineering at power stations, for CO2 pipelines and deep storage. It is not happeneing.
Lord Lawson's (Anti-) Global Warming Policy Foundation is right about Green jobs in the UK.
Total control of power generation and consumption requires a massive market in equipment.
Like all such studies, Nuclear comes out the cheapest.
This shows which industries should grow to cut emissions.