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Energy is at the root of our wealth. Can the economy support it?

The Library at L Street and Economics Avenue

This is the entry level to the Economics Library which has various topical Libraries on other floors. The London School of Economics Library background is used throughout this Library. Is the economy spiralling up or down?

Links to Economics topics are given at the top left of each page, allowing you to always navigate around and away from a page you may have found with a browser. Hopefully, you can never get lost here.

Each of the four sections of our discussion on Energy Economics starts with an Opener which sets out some of the key concerns about Financing energy, the vital Innovations wealth driver for future energy supplies, the existing and projected Energy Markets which deliver energy, and the status of the many fuel, manufacturing and building resources needed.

The Openers all have the same layout. Our opening essay is illustrated in the left light-box gallery. Selected reports to see are shown in picture links to the right.

Each section will have its own external links to leading websites and their terabytes of information.

Each section will have its own Twitter page, preset to connect with relevant commentators and organisations.

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Tokyo Tuna Trade
Tuna Trade vs. World
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Can they detect crises?
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F1. Risking Fusion
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1c. Google Divining Markets
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3c.Peak Uranium