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Fast Reactors, Thorium, Fusion, Recycling for Millenia

March 2015
The Closed cycles must be implemented and growing fast by 2050 because the Open Cycle runs out of fuel.
This is an extended set of papers and presentations on all aspects of the Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycles. This is a one-stop set of key references to current work.

The papers run through Uranium, global energy supplies, Russian and American fast reactors ready for deployment, Thorium Molten Salt Breeders finally under rapid development, and Fusion-Fission combinations for fuel breeding and power production.

Uranium resources, production and demand, 2014
Critical Analysis of World Uranium Resources, 2012
Options seen by IAEA for spent fuel Open Cycle reprocessing.
Resources and demands for Coal, Gas Oil Renewables Nuclear energy
Liquid metal cooled reactors: Experience in design & operation, 2007
Development of Minor Actinide fuels, 2009
BN-1200 Power Unit Design Development, 2013
The history of the BN-800 Fast Reactor
The GE advanced liquid metal reactor S-PRISM, 2013
A hapless UK roadmap for Open Cycle Fast Reactors.
An Indian view of Thorium - Benefits & Challenges.
Overview of a Fast Thorium Molten Salt Breeder, 2013
Performance improvement by profile shaping in TCV Tokamak, 2012
NESST: Nuclear Energy Safety & Security Treaty separating energy and weapons. 2011
The Commercial value of used nuclear fuel, 2006
Slow nuclear growth till 2050
Key S-PRISM Fuel Cycle study.
Metallic Fuesl for advanced reactors, 2009
A competitive small modular sodium cooled reactor
Fast reactor design concepts and RnD in Korea.
Lecture on Korean pyroprocessing of spent metallic fuels
S. Korean Pyroprocessing progress. USwants it closed.
Pyroprocessing studies.
Fission-suppressed Thorium Cycle Fusion Breeder & Non-Proliferation, 2011
Cross-breeding of fuel between GT-MHR and Spherical Tokamak reactors, 2008
Molten salt fuel versions of Laser Intertial Fusion Energy (LIFE) 2008