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Headlining all Fusion developments.

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Fusion needs a prompt, large increase in funding, the very opposite to what is happening now. We explain why and how it will benefit the world this century.
Nuclear power is the best answer to global energy needs. It is already late in the drive to cut greenhouse gas emissions.Because of political realities, it faces a massive deployment of the necessary supporting technologies.
Simple analysis now shows that a sufficient Nuclear build is likely to run out of Uranium fuel this century, leaving almost all of it as spent fuel and Depleted Uranium.
Fusion is able to pick up another mission, to partner nuclear in breeding fresh fuel. This is the primary reason for accelerated Fusion funding.
This is a the only rational and completely workable solution for world energy needs which also meets requirements on global warming.

The Current World Programme
Fusion seems to have yielded slowly and demanded deep understanding of plasma physics. Serious development began in the 1950s but 20 of the last 60 years has been lost to massive funding cuts by politicians. Even so, most of the physics problems were solved by 1992 and actual Fusion break-even in 1997.
The demand for Fusion to demonstrate the ability to generate electricity drove the design of the International effort, ITER. It is a very large project, under construction in Cadarache, France, with the work shared out among all the partners. ITER will begin operations around 2025. The fickle USA is now proposing to withdraw from the project in line with its steady cuts of domestic research. Facebook was valued at 5 times the cost of ITER and is clearly the way forward for the world.
ITER is filling a major gap in Fusion development by engineering all the components to high performance in steady state, developing the molten salt breeding and cooling systems needed to make Tritium, and large superconducting magnets needed to make operations economic.
The new project to breed nuclear reactor fuel is not nearly as demanding as the ITER electricity project. It can be developed and deployed now with existing technologies and a number of ITER spin offs.

Our goal is not just to Tweet on what is happening but also to stimulate popular interest in energy security for all.

The Headlines below take you to discussions of all the leading Fusion efforts. In 75 minutes you can be well briefed in the key aspects of all the Fusion technologies. Professional level articles and lectures in our library archives support all the statements made.
The lightest elements are built from a few protons, neutrons in their nuclei and electrons around which set their chemistry. This illustrated page explains all these basic terms and how the objects were discovered with very primitive looking equipment and a lot of ingenuity. Each such page has links to the rat of the fusion story. (15 min to master Fusion energy)

You may be familiar with TV footage of the major Fusion devices like JET and others in the US, Russia where the Tokamak was invented, China, India, Japan and South Korea. Here we outline just how a magnetic field can capture a burning fusion plasma at over 100,000,000 degrees. A 500MW Fusion reactor, ITER, is under construction in France. A complex facility with a flood of engineering innovations. (15 min to view them all.)
The laser invention made for Nobel prizes but now we all own lots of small lasers in our electronic kit. Giant lasers the size of an aircraft hangar can produce enough light energy to crush a tiny fuel pellet to fusion temperatures, but is like playing golf with a pinhead ball. You must hit it perfectly. The US NIF laser has just managed to make as much energy as the pellet absorbed. The next steps towards break-even are indeed cunning. (15 min.)
ITER is huge. By staying at low power, under 50MW, a serviceable reactor can be built with existing materials and technologies within 10 years.
The Fusion knowledge base has grown so that other concepts can be reinvented (15 min.)
A 100MW Fusion core produces an immense number of hot fusion neutrons which can be used to start and maintain a Fission teactor blanket producing 500MW. The combination is super safe, burns all the high end 'wastes' and works with a wide mix of fuels. You may think this combines the problems of both technology sets. Many design studies have shown the net result to be a superior form of Fast Breeder.
We give a good outline of this complex technology set. (15min.)
Excellent history of Hybrid concepts to date at