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Small Fusion Overviews

Early Fusion with ciurrent Tchnologies

The two primary contenders for an early build of a working and useful Fusion Reactor are the Spherical Tokamak and some short form of a Mirror device. Several other concepts are very promising but require more development from their current position.
The Princeton NSTX experiment was threatened with closure by DoE in 2010. Their advanced Stellarator was closed instead. This illustrates the weak funding for Fusion in the USA. The paper by Galvao et al. opens up the multiple prospects for the Spherical Tokamak.
Mirror devices are well described by the

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Martin Peng invented the Spherical Tokamak. This 2003 overview sees it as a tool for plasma science.
Lithium coated walls cleans up plasma chamber & cuts plasma losses.
Russia is the last bastion of large scale magnetic mirror research. They do have a prompt use as Fusion Technology platforms.
Theoretical studies of the simplest magnetic fusion reactors.
Snapshot views of all the issues. A significant role for Small Fusion.