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Hybrid Fusion Overviews

Safe, liquid fuelled Fission, with a Fusion Core

China has committed to a large development effort in Hybrid Fusion-Fission reactors. The goals and ideas are well laid out in the first five papers. The papers are fairly technical but with only hints of the experimental details.
The story originated with the design of blankets to breed Tritium for pure Fusion reactors. At least these have only one goal plus heat transfer to the electricity generators.
The following lecture style documents are more accessible and pictorial. Mannheimer (9) gives a light view of the motivations for Hybrid development. Peterson (6) opens up the really important issues of reactor safety for these complex systems.
Moir (7,8) displays other options for Hybrid reactors, driving home the flexibility of the concepts.

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China has committed to a substantial programme in Hybrid reactors.
Tritium breeding blankets are the origin of the modern Hybrid Systems.
Fusion Neutrons, high temperatues, high flow rates of hot, corrosive fluids pose materials challenges.
The Fusion core gives instant control of reactor criticality.
HYbrids promise to surpass PWRs and Fast Reactors in Transmutation of wastes and burning Actinides.
Safety is a major issue for all nuclear systems. Hybrids do have major advantages.
Mirror designs are not out of contentention yet. Axisymmetric gives the best plasma access.
Hybrids can work for any choice of fuels.
A general view of the history and energy imperatives for Hybrids.