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1. Can the world economy ignore Global Warming?
Nuclear Energy is the most reliable source of electricity for this century and beyond. The nuclear industry has found adequate solutions for the safety questions which limit the consequences of any failure to the inside of the reactor building.
New designs which have yet to be tested will fail soft and not even damage the reactor. Repairs can be made and the reactor restarted.
Recycling of nuclear fuels is essential to proper use of the fabulous energy resource of our Uranium and Thorium. This eliminates the need for Geological storage of a million tonnes of spent fuel and the waste of 95% of the resource.
This is the basic EfN position, but the other options are represented by many authors.

The current stance of the US and EU ignores the real expectation that many game changing developments will be made this century to alter the picture. Future governments would find themselves digging up spent fuel repositories in coming centuries.

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