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About the EfN Organisation

The Answer is Nuclear. Others can contribute.

Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy was founded in France by Bruno Comby and now has some 60,000 members world wide. This external link to EfN international will take you there.
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EfN Headquarters, Paris

Here at EfN-UK we have no premises, just this website and a chain of contacts in all the avenues of interest. We are open to funding from any legal source on the condition that there are no conditions and that all donations will be reported in our accounts.

Our Patron, James Lovelock, despite having retired from most of his activities, is still defending Devon from
despoilation by wind farms.

Brendan McNamara, a semi-retired Fusion Scientist, is President for 2013.

Stephen Stretton, the previous President, is an economist currently working for Goldman Sachs in London. He is also a member of several energy and environmental groups.

Robin Smith, a would be politician has a unique approach to world fiscal problems and solutions to the root causes of inequality.

We have about 50 members in the UK who are grad students, scientists and engineers in various fields, and support from many environmentalists and lobbyists. We have organised Events, on the web or at real venues and plan more.

Our collective action is to seek answers to the important energy questions and to question every answer proposed.

EfN exists to promote substantial use of nuclear and fusion energy this century.
New Nuclear and Fusion reactors have been proposed which will outperform all existing reactors in terms of safety, fuel consumption and much lower production of radioactive wastes. The big question is, 'Can nuclear energy really run the planet cleanly and safely for tens of thousands of years?' Some answers are provided.
Carbon based electricity generation systems must be largely suppressed by mid century and coal as soon as possible. Making huge new finds of carbon fuels is no longer to our advantage, but offers a poisoned path to global energy growth. These resources, especially as liquid fuels for transport, are too useful to abandon. They should be licensed for use at a low, sustainable level for thousands of years.

Presenting facts is not an effective way to change opinions, especially if the terminology is specialised. Even so, facts are the real basis of technology and should be accessible. Debate between folks with inflexible positions is the unrewarding stuff of politics.
We hope this fully engaged website and a layered set of primers and highly pictorial presentations will at least increase general interest.

Come in. Tell us what you think.


This site - EfN City
The site is designed as a small city on a simple grid plan. The admin centre is here at EfN Square, with a pictorial Start menu, Contact forms, Join up, About us, and so on. Primary navigation is from the main navbar above.
The City welcomes new residents who can add to the rhythms of debate. We have yet to build centres for entertainment and commerce.

You will need to know just a little about nuclear physics. Fusion has the simplest set of nuclear reactions, so go there first for a nice historical primer.